Thursday, November 24, 2011

Yipppee! Yahoo!

I have no idea what I am so excited about.

No, really. I just used that as a title because that's how I feel in the moment. It's the day before the day we choose to define what we find gratitude for and I am immensely grateful.

I am grateful, mostly, for the power that imagination has in my life.

Seriously. We think, sometimes, that we are just making stuff up to entertain ourselves and an occasional other. The reality is that we are also making up our own lives. We are--when we imagine what we would like our lives to be, approve the experiences that confirm what we imagined, and reinforce our selection with re-imagining the outcomes--performing a kind of magic. Psychologists would disagree, but we spec-fic peeps know that psych types are just shamans and magicians with "real world" degrees, understand the truth.

I am writing a story that has found real world correspondences without my indulging in research.

I am using the tools of fiction to ground the changes in my real life so that I don't suffer the chaos of major life transition without some kind of treasure at the end. (OK. That last is wishful thinking. There will be a monster or two of my own design but that is the point. I know I created it.)

The point is, I am creating my life in such a way that I can take responsibility for the outcome. And because I can do that, I am also grateful-- thankful if you will --for all the experiences that have come before. I am thankful for all my life experiences that have given me something from which to write what I know.

Bless the present. Consider all the experiences that have brought you all the things you treasure about this moment, this snapshot of your life. Even if you have to dig deeply to find something to celebrate, do that. You are wonderful. I am thankful for you in my life.

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