Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Finish Line

On the 16th of the month, I came down with something nasty. Pneumonia.  It stopped me for five days.  But, after the initial feverish days I got back into the wip for NaNo.  Still coughing and feeling like well, you know.  I finished NaNo.  Now, I don’t think a months of sleep isn’t going to be enough to get over the exhaustion I feel.  But, I also feel exhilarated by the experience.    You see, for me it was more than getting a certain word count; it was about making a commitment and following through.  And woohoo I did it.  Now, since I still have pneumonia I’m going to go and have a long lay down. 
Till next time,


Donna Shields said...

Double congrats on finishing Nano, with pneumonia no less. Good job.

EW Gibson said...

Thank you Donna.

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