Tuesday, July 17, 2012


OK, so did anyone else see the Discover channel show?  I saw the last ten minutes or so of it because the owner of the TV wanted to see what was going on.  It didn't take me long to realize that the scientists in the documentary were not real. OK if they are real scientists, then I apologize. But, I watch enough of that kind of show to be able to tell when someone is speaking from real experience.  They were just waaaaaay to earnest, to focused on the camera. 

Or maybe I just watch too much Lie To Me :-)

Meanwhile, the only reason I stopped on the show at all, instead of going to bed as I was supposed to, was because I had been to see the locally playing musical of Little Mermaid at the Sacramento Music Circus.  Whatever else I might say about the show I can say three things whole heartedly.  Ursula Rocks!  Unexpexted special effects gets me teary!  The Kiddo I was with was absolutely entranced.  That's all that matters. The show was for the kids, or rather for the girls.  The owner of the aforementioned TV plays cello and I got to hear her under one of Ariel's solos.  All in all it was a lovely way to spend an evening. 

Mermaids real or not, they bring mystery and beauty to our imaginations.  I'll be back to fill you in about the fortunes of Sailor Twain and his creator.  Cool stuff happened there!

Just keep swimming!

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Maureen said...

I saw that show! The mermaid one on TV, and thought it was...well...interesting. And I love speculative stuff like that. Why not? ;-)

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