Friday, July 13, 2012

Similar Fears

Are you paralyzed by invisible chains? Cannot see where you are going? Blindly reaching out to find your way out? Afraid of what is coming next?

When you are reading a novel, the main character will experience one or all emotions. What the character’s fears will lead to their next action and the next and we love to read characters living by their fears and then overcoming it. The Lord of the Rings’ Aragorn is a perfect example. He fears he will become like his ancestor and runs away. We see him struggle with it and how he overcomes it.

Answer truthful.  What do you fear? What drives your every action? By chance, is it a similar fear to your favorite character?

My favorite fantasy character is Matrim Cauthon from the Wheel of Time series. I’m sure it’s been mention before. At the core, we both want to have fun and no responsibilities. We just want a good time doing what we love to do. I want to play video games, watch anime, movies and have fun with my friends. He wants to drink wine, gamble and enjoy the women. I shy away from taking on responsibilities because I don’t want to let anyone down. He runs away from them because he doesn’t want others to die under him.

While we take different actions, we are both avoiding the same thing. Even though we both know we can do it but we want to have a good time avoid any problems. I improved over the years and taking on more. Matrim has almost accepted his place and is no longer running.

Let me ask again, what do you fear and is it similar to your favorite character? Post if they are similar and if you want to say how they similar.

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