Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rocking the Indie Movies at Midnight

I got to take a friend to see Rocky Horror Picture Show on the big screen for the first time in his 31 years.  There wasn't the live show with the movie that I remember when I saw it in New York years ago.  However, we did have water, toast, TP, and rice/confetti. He sang along through the entire thing and even reveled in being Dr. Scott.  He uses a wheel chair when he needs to get out and about so the part was perfect for him. 

I was not as jaded as I might have been. Love the movie as much now as I did when I first saw it.  However, the circumstances were much different. We were outside for one thing.  For another, we know what we are getting into, and the show around the movie was a delight. 

I arrived a little late but not so late to miss too much of Stingray Sam!  I'm in love with this movie.  Love a couple of the songs even more and this is my absolute favorite.  

Didn't know we had a Burlesque troupe in town, though.  That was a surprise.  Here's a much less risque peek at the ladies, the Sizzling Sirens.

Art, music, creativity gone wild.  I'll be doing my part to support the procedure.  Going to see the Sirens live at a local club (about four blocks from my flat, too!).  Looking forward to Movies on a Big Screen finding a new home so I can discover more cool and weird indie films. 

What is going on in your neighborhood that is wild and wonderful and takes you somewhere you have not been in a while?

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widdershins said...

There's nothing like a midnight showing of TRHPC ... It's being screened somewhere in the world every day/night since it was released. That's some impressive longevity!

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