Friday, July 20, 2012

TV Tropes

Every wanted to know if your favorite novels meets any tropes? Don’t know what tropes are? Then click no further than TV Tropes.  

Tropes are nothing more than recurring themes or motifs. For example, Bearer of Bad News is any character who delivers the message of doom to someone who doesn’t. How many novels out there have this? Probably more than you think and TV Tropes will let you know which novel, TV shows and movie have them.

But don’t worry about being spoiled as you must highlight the text to read any of them. The beautiful and the part where you lose hours is the Genre Tropes page. Genres tend to have their own tropes associated with them. Here is the list for the Speculative Fiction Tropes:

Speculative Fiction Tropes
Magic and Powers
Stock Superpowers
Otherness Tropes
Alien Tropes
Fantastic Sapient Species Tropes
Our Monsters Are Different
Otherworld Tropes
Metaphysical Place
Paranormal Tropes
Time Travel Tropes
By Genre:
Alternate History Tropes
Cyberpunk Tropes
Steampunk Tropes
Urban Fantasy Tropes

That pretty covers all the speculative fictions. Some of my favorite tropes are: Because Destiny Says So, Beethoven Was an Alien Spy, Conveniently Close Planet, Evil Weapon, Freak Lab Accident, Humanity Is Young, I Come in Peace, Immortality, No Sex Allowed, Only Fatal to Adults, Phantasy Spelling, Supernatural Aid, Teenage Mutant Samurai Wombats, Vampire Fiction and What We Now Know to Be True. I love how it is boiled down to what exactly it is. No gimmicks or fancy names for these tropes.

Go ahead and click on the links in the list and let us know your favorite trope. Then use it for your story or for endless hours of entertainment. 


E.B. Black said...

Bookmarked this page. I plan to look through it in more detail later. It will be fun and educational!

widdershins said...

That was fun ... just lost an hour though.

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