Monday, May 27, 2013

What's Your Playlist?

Pleasant Memorial Day to everyone! It's pretty surprising that this former army wife with a family history of military service has never actually hosted a Memorial Day gathering, but it's true. I've decided to end that streak this year with our first barbecue slash pool party in our new house, so I'm super excited for today.

One of my favorite aspects of party planning is creating the perfect music playlist for the occasion. I've worked on it all weekend, and it got me thinking about the growing popularity of playlists for books. Some authors are sharing the tunes that they listened to  while writing their stories, while fans have put together their own soundtracks inspired by the novels they love.

Laurel K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series always makes me think of Concrete Blonde's Mexican Moon album. Cherie Priest's steampunk tales put me in the mood for alt-country; Drive-by Truckers or Lucero usually. I also use music to get me in the mood to write. The antics of my latest UF heroine were greatly influenced by Joan Jett and Gossip.

What's your playlist for writing or celebrating this weekend? Does your favorite book remind you of a particular song or musician?

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend everyone! A special Salon shout out to all servicemen and women and their families, past and present. Thank you all!



EW Gibson said...

Your party sounds like fun. My playlist for my wip usually centers around soundtracks. My favs City of Angels, Samurai, Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon.

Have a great holiday.

Ella Gray said...

Hey Elizabeth! Ooooo, I love soundtracks for writing too, and those are all good ones. I often choose the Epic Soundtrack station on Pandora and let it cycle through the various movies while I write :)

Hope you have a super holiday!

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