Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Something to wrap the last presents to....

On the longest night of the year, it's a good time to pull the hidden things down from the top shelves, and--since the others have sugar plums dancing for a slightly longer time tonight in their heads--get out the good egg nog and enjoy the delight of wrapping the gifts.

I worked Bloomingdale's--in the mailroom, in the booth, and on the floor. I discovered my facility with wrapping and my delight in making other people happy with that skill of manipulating paper and tape and ribbon. I am still known for my inability to wrap a package badly. I keep trying, but my artistic nature insists on emerging. To my chagrin and delight, I must say.

What is it that insists on amazing you? Do you, like me, have a natural talent that insists on emerging no matter what you do to step on it?

Have a happy holiday and enjoy yourself, no matter what tries to interfere. And for those of you traveling.... be safe. Come back and tell us of your adventures.


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