Friday, June 24, 2011

First Ingredient

The secret behind the Pottermore has been revealed. An online interactive of the books for all ages will be available this October and I can't wait to be sorted into a house and experience the world of Harry Potter with others. Rowling's series and success has inspired me to create a fantasy world loved by many.

I'm not sure if I ever want an official online interactive, but for readers to create their own there needs to be enough information for them. The author provides that information. If I can't see myself walking, touching, eating, or feeling the wind on my skin, how can anyone else? By living in my world for a few hours a day, then the chances of someone else being a part of my world is high.

Your first ingredient is your main character. Without him or her, the world will not come alive for readers. Would Rowling's books be different if Harry already knew of the wizardry world? Yes, it would. We see Harry learn about magic, we are learning as well and become involved in his world. His trials become our own and lead us to experience more of his new surroundings. If someone else became the main character, we would see the world in a different light.

I picture each of my scenes inside my head as I write. I become a part of my characters and view the world through their eyes. Act like them when you are writing scenes. By knowing your character then you will know how to move and breathe in their surroundings. It will then convey to the readers. You can also write journals in the voice of your characters. Keep Twitter accounts, Facebook fan pages, or any online journals to learn more.

There are plenty of more ways to get inside your characters' world. What do you use? Also, how many of you will be joining Pottermore?

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Ella Gray said...

I would be totally mortified if some of my characters had Twitter accounts, LOL. Most of them are not so well-behaved. The Character Cafe is a cool group site where the posts are from the character's POV and it's lots of fun. I usually just zone out on whatever music puts me in the mood of my meeps before I get started :-)

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