Thursday, June 2, 2011

Positive Self Talk for Writers

What I think about, I bring about.

As writer’s, we tend to live solitary lives, hours spent in front of the computer, blocking out the noise of family and pleas for attention. Some of us even barricade ourselves in a tiny room where nobody except us is allowed to enter. With out a support system, this solitary life is the perfect breeding ground for self-doubt and negative thinking.

My husband is tolerant, but not terribly enthusiastic about the writing gig. He figures that it’s just another hobby that will end up stuffed in the corner of dark closet like crocheting or making jewellery – something that I can do when I am bored. So I don’t have a cheering section at home rooting for me every day, telling me they know I can do it.

I do have a great on-line support system. My writing friends are always encouraging, telling me when I am great and leading me back to the path when I stray. But I’ve found, even with all that great support, I really do need to be my own cheering section.

Being positive is one of the hardest things for me as a writer. I will read a book and feel inadequate because my dialogue is not as good, my descriptions fall flat and my love scenes are comical rather than steamy. I read about friends and other authors who write 5,000 words a day when I can barely squeak out 1,000. My story is missing something, but damned if I know what it is.

Because I encounter all sorts of things I could be negative about, I make an effort to be positive. Is the sexy man with no shirt half dressed or half naked? A positive thinker would say half naked, don’t you think?

Believe me I am not trying to brainwash myself into believing something that isn’t true. But I do believe in the power of positive thinking. If you tell yourself something enough times it’s going to sink in eventually. I have positive affirmations around my desk at my day job, because I know I don’t want to be there forever and some days it’s a struggle to be there for eight hours a day, five days a week.

Try writing down in a journal five positive things about yourself everyday. I sometimes struggle with this too. If you can’t think of anything to write down, here is a link to some positive personality descriptions. Post those positive words that describe you best where you can see them every day.

I honestly believe in “What we think about, we bring about.” Don’t let negative self-talk steal your passion and motivation. Believe that one day soon you will finish the book you have been working on for months or years, that if you keep moving forward you will be published, that 100 words a day is better than none. The more positive your feelings towards your writing and your life, the more likely you will get to where you want to be.

Some positive self-talk that works for me: (I didn’t make all of these up myself, but I have adopted them)

My imagination has no limits, my creativity knows no bounds.
I have faith and courage -in myself and in my writing.
I will forward and never look back.
I am in control of my life and my future.
I am creating a positive, successful future.
I know that I will be a bestseller someday and I will take the steps to get there.
I am not afraid to try something new.
My determination and will are always stronger than the problems in my way.

It’s not just about repeating the statement over and over. Visualize it, believe it, live it.

Please share some of the positive statements that make you keep going.


Rosi said...

"I think I can! I think I can!" ;-) What can I say? I write for children!

Carissa Andrews said...

This is a great post! I feel the exact same way. "Thoughts become things, choose the good ones!"

Stacie VanE said...

The little engine that could. Awesome Rosi!

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