Friday, June 17, 2011

Tales Franchise Love

Originally posted on my blog, I wanted to share with everyone at the Salon one of the reason why I started to write.

At 15 years-olds,I already experienced anime from Japan. Soon I turned my attention to Role playing games from Japan,known as RPGs to players. You play the game through the hero’s eyes by experiencing the unique world through the story and the actions of the characters. Most of the games are set in a new world with different rules from ours. It builds an urge inside to write a story just like these games I’m playing.

It started when I bought a Playstation 1 and Tales of Destiny game with the money I earn from my part-time job in high school. When I set the system up and popped the game in,this is what came across my TV screen.

Shell shocked by the visuals being displayed before my eyes,this started my love for RPGs and their stories. I read fantasy books but nothing can compare to seeing a fantasy world before your eyes. Then I realized,the game play lacked the same style as the opening film but it did not stop me from beating the game in about 32 hours. The game is a classic tale of a young man who,by mistake,gets involved in saving the world and falls in love with the heroine. The smile spreads across my face remembering the game. The storyline and characters still speaks to me and I want to replay the game now.

This one game created my love for all future Tales’games. With over 10 games to its line,I played every US release except for one. The series hasn’t lost the core elements I fell in love during the first game. The latest addition to the series is Tales of Xillia.

The storyline reflects a theme in my own novel. If evil does exist,then it comes from our hearts. I almost fainted when I read the subtitles. I’m praying the game will be release in the States after the release in Japan. Otherwise,I’m going to beat myself for not reading Japanese well enough to purchase an import. Until the announcement is made,I will enjoy Tales of Graces f game coming soon to the PS3.

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