Thursday, June 23, 2011

RWA - Here I Come!

Summer is finally here! Judging from the weather here lately, I don’t think anyone told Mother Nature. It has been raining in the great white north since Monday and yesterday, we had to turn our furnace on to get the chill out of the house – very sad indeed.

Friday starts the first day of a two week summer vacation for me. I drive for 17 hours with 3 beagles and my husband so I can visit family. The weather is usually way to hot for me in Southern Ontario, but maybe this year everything will even out.

In the middle of the vacation is the RWA conference in New York! This will be my first, so I am extra excited about it. Now the panic starts. Last night I realized that I have not even considered what to take with me. I’ve barely pulled out my summer clothes because of the recent crappy weather, and I’m just hoping they will be dressy enough. Don’t even get me started on shoes, because I don’t have anything suitable. I know this for a fact.

After my haircut after work, I will have to go through the very painful process of packing. It takes me hours. I learned this from my trip to Los Angeles this spring. It takes me forever to get organized and triple check my list- which as of right now is non-existent.

The whole purpose of this trip to RWA is learning about the industry, what is happening in the writing world and connecting with like minded writers. Of course, I also want to spend some time with friends.

I know I am really unprepared for the RWA conference, but I am hoping that some diligent list-making today will rectify that. I will take lots of pictures and blog about it when I get back in July. Hope to see a lot of your there. ~Stacie


Stacy McKitrick said...

I'll be there sometime Monday night. I'll keep an eye out for you!

Ella Gray said...

Have a wonderful trip, Stacie! Can't wait to hear about RWA when you get back.

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